About Us

This website was developed to inform and support Citrus County, Florida military veterans and their families. It is a free website donated, written and hosted by a disabled Citrus County veteran in rememberance and appreciation of the sacrifices of our veterans and their family members.

Our Mission

Inform veteran about their local organizations. Assist with finding veterans organizations in the area. Provide information about events established for military veterans and their families. Inform the public about our Citrus County veterans and their families.

Our Plan

Better inform all residents of Citrus County, Florida about veterans related activities. Help veterans be able to find and join local veterans organizations to get involved in their support. Get the public involved in supporting our veterans and their families.

Our Vision

Improve interaction of veterans organizations. Provide knowledge about parent veterans organizations for all concerned. Improve membership in veterans organizations. Inform the public about needs of veterans and their family members.

Organizations Supporting Veterans

These wonderful Citrus County, Florida organizations provide unparalleled support to our veterans and their families. You can help too. Click on their titles and contact these organizations and ask what you can do to improve support to America's heroes.

Operation Welcome Home

Operation Welcome Home, formerly known at Citrus County Heroes, was founded by Barbara Mills in 2007 and is located in Inverness, Florida. Operation Welcome Home is dedicated to our heroes returning from the global war on terrorism around the world. Through our commitment, experience, and expertise Operation Welcome Home relies upon local community and business support for our heroes as they adjust from combat against terrorism.

Veterans Foundation

The Foundation’s primary mission is to timely disburse grant assistance from the Foundation’s available funds to honorably discharged veterans or their surviving spouses who are Citrus County residents for short term emergency expenses upon verification of eligibility and need by the Citrus County Veterans Service Office and approval by a majority of the Foundation’s board of directors.

Veterans Coalition

The Coalition assists veterans and their widows with payment of utilities, payments for rental or lease for home, home and repairs, medical or dental payments, supplemental food as needed or normally once a month. The Coalition also has various medical assist devices, including electrical scooters/wheelchairs. The Coalition offers scholarship assistance at Withlacoochee Technical College. Fore more info click on our link abovr.

Bridge 4 Veterans

Their goal is to get the veterans to accomplish their goals, whatever they may be. To do this, they are partnering with agencies such as the United Way of Citrus County, especially their Mission United veterans program, the Veterans Coalition, Veterans Affairs and St. Vincent de Paul CARES, among others. Immediate plans are to do some repairs and sprucing up the shelter itself as well as assessing the needs and goals of the residents, whether it’s finding jobs for those who are able to work or their own places to live for those who are able to live on their own.

Veterans Services

The Citrus County Veterans Service Office provides guidance and assistance to veterans and their families so they are able to navigate the difficult VA systems, DOD retirement systems, and Florida State Benefits Programs in order to obtain pension, compensation, burial, educational, medical, insurance benefits, tax exemptions, park passes, & retirement benefits provided by the Department of VA Affairs, The State of Florida, and the Department of Defense.

United Way

With 70% of our Veterans over the age of 65, many are facing medical needs. The prevalence of relative care givers is increasing and is not always the most optimal for the Veteran's specific medical needs. An "Adult Health Care Program" is not available in Citrus County. Many Veterans applying for assistance struggle to manage household budgets and are in need of training. Veterans under the age of 62 are not yet eligible for SSI and many face income struggles.

Citrus County's Outstanding Veteran Leaders

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